Archaeological Surveys

As heritage specialists and a CIfA member organisation, we can design and deliver a geophysical survey programme tailored to the specific aims, objectives and needs of your heritage project.
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Magnitude Surveys is an independent specialist in archaeological geophysics. We understand that every site is unique and can tailor our survey design to meet planning, client, site and archaeological requirements.

We design and develop all of our own data collection systems and software packages to ensure our data is collected to the highest standards and in the required timeframe. With real-time data processing and quality assurance procedures in place, we can provide daily site updates including preliminary images to continually inform project timescales and outcomes, on sites ranging in size from a handful of hectares to multiple square kilometers.

Magnitude Surveys is a CIfA Registered Organisation, and we regularly contribute specialist research to interest groups such as CIfA, NSGG and ISAP. We also work closely with our clients to gather feedback and understand the results of excavation following our surveys, to continually improve our service.


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Environmental Geophysics

Skilled in a wide range of near-surface geophysical survey techniques, we can provide geophysical services to address a variety of targeted environmental questions.

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