Hazard Identification

Drawing on our geophysical expertise, we can identify and select appropriate techniques for the identification, location and de-risking of buried hazards such as UXO, voids, sinkholes and underground storage tanks.
A woman analysing hazards in an urban environment

As specialists in near-surface geophysics, we can provide you with unbiased advice and select a survey strategy that is tailored to meet a specific objective or target object. In many cases this may involve using multiple survey methods to provide the highest possible level of confidence in de-risking a site.

We deploy a mixture of bespoke and industry-standard equipment and software to ensure that our data is collected, processed and visualised to the highest standards, and delivered in the required timeframe.


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Environmental Geophysics

Skilled in a wide range of near-surface geophysical survey techniques, we can provide geophysical services to address a variety of targeted environmental questions.

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