Project Officer

Joseph Howarth

Joseph graduated with an MSc in Archaeology from the University of Central Lancashire. He has experience digging in various locations, some of which have involved TV appearances on BBC’s Digging for Britain as “background archaeologist #5” as well as presentations to the general public.
At Magnitude Surveys he began life in their workshop entrusted with the smooth running of the department focusing on kit repairs, maintenance and development, and troubleshooting the survey teams. He has surveyed the length and breadth of Britain for the last three years, although with his poor geography knowledge he couldn’t point to where he’s been on a map. Since September 2022, he has moved into the projects department and keeps projects running smoothly thanks to the help of his beloved spreadsheets.
Outside of work he has a keen interest in music, spending many weekends collecting Vinyl Records, specifically ones with brightly coloured discs or those with eye-catching artwork. He has a love of all sports, especially basketball, rugby, cricket and football, the latter of which he plays weekly alongside experiencing the highs and lows of loyally supporting Manchester United.
He is known for consistently varied and consistently bad haircuts, accruing a vast collection of football shirts, having a very unorthodox dress-sense and for always stopping mid-task because he has to find the perfect song for any given moment. In work he has been known to found events ‘Cupcake Tuesday’ and spin-off event’s ‘Cupcake Tuesday on a Thursday’ and ‘Cupcake Tuesday on a Friday’ and co-founded Formal Thursdays (later Funky Thursdays).


Key People

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Leigh A. Garst

Geophysical Services Manager