Project Officer

Matthew Stead

Matthew trained in field archaeology and equipped with a dissertation about the construction and use of weaponry of the Vikings compared to that of their contemporaries did not prepare Matthew for working in archaeology, in part due to the lack of available work. So, after a brief time in fieldwork, he decided to go into museums, as a member of staff rather than an exhibit.
This lasted for nearly a decade improving his knowledge on everything from mill machinery to a variety of weapons and armour. Equipped with these skills and a fair share of stories about the public he decided to wander into administration in public health. Little knowing that the world was about to be struck by a global pandemic. Eventually fleeing this he joined Magnitude as a Field Assistant, soon scaling the heights to his current position as a Project Officer where he “balances” his work time between the field and the office. In the office he gets to run small projects and assist on some larger ones.
Away from the world of geophysics, Matthew spends his time with his daughter, learning how to play instruments, baking a variety of different things and collecting vinyl records, listening to far too much music and harbouring delusions of being comedic. His favourite dinosaur is the stegosaurus, if you need to ask why, then you don’t get it.


Key People

Chrys Harris


Finnegan Pope-Carter


Paul Johnson


Leigh A. Garst

Geophysical Services Manager